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'SuperGirl' Sport Shapewaist - 3 Rows - Long Torso

Shapewaist Sport Collection is designed to be more comfortable and to worn during more active periods of time. It is recommended for Cardio, Weight Lifting and any other physical activity where you'd like to have your back supported and still work towards a tinier waist.

Benefits of using a Sport Shapewaist:

  • Midsection control (Latex corset will give you an automatic hourglass figure)
  • Increased thermal activity (Latex will increase perspiration and you will target those hard to reach fat deposits
  • Mobilizes fat cells
  • Stimulates perspiration 
  • Support your back through compression
  • Sport Shapewaist brings an extra layer of Spandex for maximum flexibility and mobility

Shapewaist features:

  • Latex workout band (waist cincher)
  • Hook and Eye Closure (3 Rows of Hooks) 
  • Flexi-boning (new technology replacing Steel-Boning - safer and less harmful to the body)
  • Cotton Lining ( It has an inside cotton lining to protect the skin against irritation from the Latex).
  • Spandex inside layer - Sport Collection brings an inside layer of Spandex for extended mobility, flexibility and comfort


  • 2 Rows of Hooks: 10in long in the front (hooks), 8in long on the sides - Short Torsos

  • 3 Rows of Hooks: 12in in the front (hooks), 10in long on the sides - Long Torsos

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