"Extreme" - Vest and Waist Trainer Bundle

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Shape your waist and keep it slim with our All-Latex Extreme Bundle featuring an All-Latex Vest trainer and an All-Latex Waist Trainer. 

  • All-Latex vest trainer and All-Latex waist trainer with front closure
  • Reshapes your waist, tummy and back through compression and perspiration
  • Front boning and side-boning (flexi-boning) exclusive technology
  • 2 rows of adjustable hooks closure (Short Torso) 
  • 3 rows of adjustable hooks closure (Long Torso)
  • Made of our exclusive latex with inner cotton layer for comfort
  • Wear to workout to induce more sweat & expedite your waist training results
  • Short or Long Torso only for waist trainer as our vest is a classic length suitable for both

Level of Compression: Maximum (10-10)

Length Of Waist Trainer
Color Latex Vest
Size Chart