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"All Latex" Mini Waist Trainer - New

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Shape your waist and keep it slim with one of our best selling "All Latex" waist trainers that are uniquely designed to wear for intensified workout results. This specific garment is only 8 inches long. It was designed specifically to target your mid section without restricting your ribs or hips. It will create an hourglass shape and focus on reshaping just the curve of your waist. The compression along with the latex increases perspiration to curve and shape your waist. It will also provide back support and assist in maintaining a good posture.

  • 8 inches long - Latex waist trainer with front closure
  • Compresses and reshapes your waist and tummy towards an hourglass shape
  • Front boning and side-boning (flexi-boning) exclusive technology
  • Two (2) rows of hooks
  • Made of our exclusive latex with inner cotton layer for comfort
  • Wear daily for 2-4 hours to expedite your waist training results

Level of Compression: Medium-High (10 of 10)


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