Answers to your most asked questions with regards to waist training and our products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the difference between the All-Latex and the Sport Shapewaist? The main difference between these two is the material of the girdle itself. The All-Latex Shapewaists are, as implied, All Latex. These are mostly recommended for days at the office, around the house and less active periods of your day. The Sports Shapewaists have an inside Latex layer to maximize perspiration, but they also have an outside layer of Spandex and Cotton, making them more flexible and versatile for your workouts.


2. I have a short torso? Which one is the best for me? All-Latex Short Torso Shapewaist or Sports Shapewaist - 2 Rows of Hooks.


3. What is the difference between 2 Rows and 3 Rows of Hooks? Main difference is the length. The 2 Rows of Hooks is 10 inches long in the front by the hooks and 8 inches long on the sides. The 3 Rows of Hooks is 12 inches long in the front by the hooks and 10 inches on the sides. 


4. Why should I buy a Vest? The vest collection is very popular for a few reasons. Main reason - it targets back fat!! It was designed as a waist cincher with back coverage and straps. It will perfect your figure by automatically making your waist a few inches smaller and you back flat and with no excess fat or skin showing. It's the perfect accessory for Suits, Dresses, night gowns or just for anyone trying to correct their figure. We usually recommend Vests for any woman who wears a size XL and up. 


5. Latex or Sports Vest? What's the difference? - The Latex Vest is very popular and seamless under your dresses and suits; however, we do acknowledge the value of working out with our pieces and we decided to incorporate a Sports Version of the Vest. Sports Vest is latex on the inside and a mixture of cotton and spandex on the outside, making more flexible and manageable during your active sessions. Our Sports Vests come in different colors like Blue, Pink and Black.



6. What is Powernet? In simple terms, PowerNet is a strong spandex, way stronger than any Spanx you’ve ever worn. One of it’s main benefits is that it’s latex free. If you are allergic to Latex, this is collection for you. It is called our “Excellence” collection because the quality is way higher than anything you’ve tried before. Reinforced closures on all girdles make these pieces perfect for postpartum and post surgery ladies. They are also perfect for under your dresses as the pieces are almost undetectable in comparison to our Latex garments.


7. How do I clean/wash my Shapewaist? 

Your Shapewaist should be cleaned shortly after wearing to remove any body oils that it has been exposed to. Rinse the garment well in warm or cold water. Please use a mild soap. Hang on a plastic or wood hanger to dry, or lay flat to dry. The garment can be wiped gently with a soft towel to decrease drying time if desired. When one side is dry, turn inside out and let the other side dry as well. When completely dry, separate any latex that has stuck together and lightly dust the garment with talc to prevent any further sticking. We have a Washing Soap available for purchase which maximizes cleaning, and it safely keeps your Shapewaist hygienic and lasting longer.



If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours! Sales@Shapewaist.com

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