Choosing the right Shapewaist

Which Shapewaist is the best for you!? by Giselle Alonso

by Giselle Alonso on Feb 04, 2019

Which Shapewaist is the best for you!? by Giselle Alonso

Basic Tips to Choosing the Best ShapeWaist for you

If you feel overwhelmed by all the different styles we have - you're not alone! Most of our clients email us with a simple question - "Which Shapewaist is best for me?"

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing one of our garments:

1. What do I want it for? Post Partum, Working Out, Waist Training / Daily Use or Post Surgery.
2. What areas am I trying to target and reshape? Waist, back, back and waist, thighs, arms or gluteus?
3. What size and length should I purchase?
Here are my suggestions:
1. What do I want to wear my Shapewaist mostly for?

I. Post Partum: Once you give birth and your physician gives you clearance to wear a compression garment, I recommend a Latex-Free Full BodyShaper , a Vest or an All Latex Long Torso Shapewaist (even if you have a Short Torso). After a pregnancy you want to make sure you start with mild to medium compression while having as much coverage around your midsection as possible. 

II. Working Out / Fitness: We have plenty of choices when it comes to fitness shapewear. I personally love to workout with my All Latex Short Torso Shapewaist. It is thinner, tighter and corrects my posture while I perform my toughest workouts. Even though I use this one, we have garments designed specifically for Fitness, our Sport Collection. 

Our "Sport Collection" features several waist trainers designed specifically for your workouts. The outer fabric is made of spandex and latex with an inner layer of cotton. This blend makes the garment more flexible and versatile so you can move freely during your cardio or weight training sessions.

We also have our Fitness Belts - these are waist trainers with flexible closure system. The thick velcro and Powernet (strong Colombian Elastic fabric) band around the belt corrects your posture while still helping you reshape your waist without the compression of a corset.

III. Waist Training / Daily Use: Waist training is an ancient concept. Since the 1800's ladies have been using corsets to reduce the size of their waist - and yes, these were very unhealthy. They were tied from the back compressing organs, ribs etc; however, while the concept might be similar, these are not the same as today's waist trainers.

For waist training or daily use, we always recommend our All Latex Shapewaists - whether it's a waist trainer or a vest, you will have a high level of compression and see how your waist reduces inches in a very short period of time. 

IV. Post Surgery: If you've had Liposuction in any area of your body or any other procedure where your doctor requires you to wear a compression garment, we have a wide selection for you. After Lipo, the last thing you want to do is wear anything with boning or latex - your body won't be able to stand it. You've put your body thru trauma and now you have to recover slowly and patiently. Here are the ones we recommend after surgery. You can always email us or reach out thru facebook with your specific question and we will guide you towards the best garment needed for your post surgery.

2. What areas am I trying to target and reshape? Waist, back, back and waist, thighs, arms or gluteus?

This  matters because of all the different styles we have. If you want to target just your waist (target - lose inches, reduce in size) then a waist trainer is your best choice. 
If you are trying to target any fat deposits in your back and around your bra area, a vest would be the one for you. Our Vests are waist trainers with added back coverage to target this impossible to reach area.
Thighs - A full bodyshaper will target your waist, back, thighs and lift your gluteus. Our "Amelia" Short Shaper will reshape your hips and increase naturally the volume of your gluteus. For arms, we have our cropped vest that slims your ams and corrects your posture.

3. What size and length should I purchase?

Size and Length truly matter when it comes to choosing the correct Shapewaist. If you're looking to buy a waist trainer, buying a Long Torso if you're short will cause the garment to bend up when you sit down or try to workout with it. If your torso is 7 inches or shorter, our Short Torso Shapewaists will be more comfortable while still providing all the necessary coverage.
Size: Waist Trainers' size can  be determined by our Size Chart. Follow the instructions on the chart and you will choose the correct one for you. If you are unsure for any other garment, email us, we can help you thru it!
Hope I answered a lot of your questions! Love you girls! Thanks for reading and stay tuned! I'll be uploading fitness tips, meal guides and even recipes!!
Love you!


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  • Sweekr
    Feb 13, 2019 at 23:19

    hey, i wanna get the full body shaper i checked my size in the size guide i’m a large but the thing is what if i have an apple shape type of body because all my fat is deposited in my belly and waist and i’m skinnier down


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