"8 Weeks to a stronger you!" Full Body Training Guide by Giselle Alonso

Fitness is much more than changing our physical appearance. It is a public display of our commitment to ourselves, a display of the discipline we have with our most precious possession  - ourselves. We often start a fitness routine and shortly after we quit, but not this time, not you, not anymore. It is a scientific fact that it takes 30 days for our brains to turn a daily action into a habit, imagine what we can accomplish with 8 eight weeks of consistent discipline with ourselves.

This program includes:

  • 8 Weeks - Day by Day, Full Body Workout Guide with 16 different workouts
  • Nutritional Guide
  • Giselle Alonso's Carb Cycling Guide
  • Access to Giselle's Application
  • Waist Training Tips by Giselle Alonso
  • and much more!

Aside from a full workout guide that will give you amazing results, this guide is designed to help you build mental strength, discipline and to propel you into your purpose and destiny with the confidence that every woman deserves to have. 

Get excited for these next eight weeks!!!!

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