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Sport Shapewaist Waist Trainer - 3 Rows | Black | Long

  • Shape your waist and keep it slim with this latex waist trainer that is uniquely designed to wear for intensified slimming results. Reshapes your waist and tummy towards an hourglass shape through compression and perspiration

    Sport / Fitness waist trainer - Long

    Front boning and side-boning (flexi-boning) exclusive technology

    3 rows of adjustable hooks closure

    Made of our exclusive latex with inner cotton layer for comfort

    Wear to workout to induce more sweat & expedite your waist training results

    Length: 12.5 inches in the front hooks area. Each row of hooks is 1 inch apart. 12 inches on the sides. 11 inches long in the back.

    Level of Compression: High (8 of 10)